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Beautiful Boho Airbnb Decor

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Beautiful Boho Airbnb Decor for a Highly Bookable Listing

Boho-style Airbnb decor is perfect for creating a relaxed, eclectic feel thanks to its natural color palettes, textures, and materials.

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When it comes to Airbnb decor, you don’t want to go overboard but you do want to invest in just enough to make your Airbnb stand out in photos, entice potential guests to excitedly hit “book!”, and feel like they’re really getting their money’s worth as soon as they walk in.

If your target Airbnb guest would love a relaxed but stylish aesthetic with natural color palettes; textures; and materials, then a bohemian style might be the perfect fit for your Airbnb.

Read on for tons of inexpensive but high-quality boho Airbnb decor that’ll help you style your Airbnb exactly the way you want, all while sticking to your budget!

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Is Boho Right for Your Airbnb Decor?

When it comes to picking which style is best for your Airbnb decor, it’s helpful to do a little research before deciding on one specific aesthetic.

Check nearby listings to see which styles they’ve chosen. If you see things that are working well, implement them! At the same time, think about what will make your Airbnb stand out from the crowd. Be sure to consider your target guest, too, and what they’ll be looking for in an Airbnb.

If, after all that, you’re thinking a boho style is right for your Airbnb, then this blog post is for you! And, even if you’re not going all-in with the boho aesthetic, this post is packed with tons of great Airbnb decor that work well with ANY style.

If boho is not your thing, you can get more Airbnb decor ideas here: 3 Budget-Friendly Airbnb Decor Ideas for a Stylish and Comfortable Rental.

Boho-Style Airbnb Decor


When choosing seating for your Airbnb, my rule of thumb is to have two seats MORE than your maximum occupancy. Having plenty of comfortable seating to relax in is very important to guests, so providing extra high-quality seating is a worthwhile investment for your Airbnb. The chairs below check ALL these boxes and look great too!

Boho Airbnb decor

Butterfly chair / Woven chair / Egg chair / Leather pouf / Tufted accent chair

Cabinets & Tables

The boho-inspired cabinets below are both stylish AND functional – the perfect combination for any Airbnb. When it comes to things like bookshelves, TV stands, console tables, and coffee tables at your Airbnb, you want to ensure they’re high quality but not too expensive (because they’ll likely get damaged) which makes the below items perfect!

The best Boho Airbnb decor

Bookshelf / TV stand / Console table / Coffee table

Nightstands & End Tables

Pick up the stylish, highly-rated nightstands and end tables below to save yourself tons of time searching.

The perfect nightstands and end tables for your Airbnb

Nightstand 1 / Nightstand 2 / Nightstand 3 / Nightstand 4

Misc. Airbnb Decor

Thoughtful touches of decor throughout your Airbnb (like the ones below) are an inexpensive way to really elevate your space and give it a 5-star look and feel.

Beautiful boho decor

Full-length mirror / 3pk woven baskets / Round serving tray / 2pk woven baskets / Wood bead garland / Decorative wooden board

Plants & Vases

In my experience, faux plants are absolutely crucial at your Airbnb. That’s because they instantly elevate a space with ZERO maintenance required. With the below plants and vases, you can instantly create a welcoming and cozy Airbnb.

Faux plants are a must-have

Faux tropical palm tree / Bird of paradise palm tree / Faux palm tree / Infinity vase / Woven planter baskets / Faux pampas grass / Circular vase

Airbnb Hosting Tip: In general, I highly recommend getting realistic-looking faux plants for your Airbnb, so you don’t have to deal with watering them or count on someone else to do it for you.

Pillows & Blankets

When it comes to choosing pillows for your Airbnb, don’t go overboard. A little goes a long way, especially on an Airbnb bed since your guests will likely put any decorative pillows on the floor when it’s time to crawl in, anyway!

Beautiful pillows and blankets

Gray boucle pillowcase / Faux leather pillowcases / Coral throw blanket / Tan throw blanket / Green cotton pillowcase

Airbnb Hosting Tip: If your pillows are in a high-traffic area, you’ll definitely want to opt for a durable, darker fabric that will hide any dirt/stains.


When it comes to picking which style is best for your Airbnb decor, don’t sweat it too much! If you’re thoughtful about creating a high-quality rental with a cohesive look and feel, I’m sure you’ll nail it.

Any questions about choosing your Airbnb decor? Let me know in the comments!

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