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5 Perfect Airbnb Listing Room Designs

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5 Airbnb Decor Ideas For A 5-Star Living Room

Blow your guests away and earn more 5-star reviews with these 5 Airbnb living room decor ideas both you and your guests will love!

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Don’t underestimate the importance of the living room at your Airbnb.

The living room is the number one place where all of your guests will get together. Sure, they might sit down at your dining table to eat as a group. Or maybe they’ll spread out across your backyard to chat…

But the living room is where they’ll all sit down to relax after a long day of enjoying the wonderful activities the area has to offer. It’s where they’ll sip their morning coffee and talk through their plans for the day. And when it’s time to play a board game, they’ll carve out a spot for everyone in their group to gather around.

Plus, your living room will show up prominently on your Airbnb listing; it’s one crucial part of creating a fantastic listing that helps your potential Airbnb guests feel like your Airbnb is perfect for them.

So, it’s crucial that your living room is both cozy and stylish. That’s what makes each of the Airbnb living room decor ideas below perfect. They’re not only comfortable and great-looking but also inexpensive–an Airbnb host’s dream!

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5 Airbnb Decor Ideas For A 5-Star Living Room

Dark Gray Sectional / Armchair / Washable Rug / Console Table / Side Table / Lamp / Coffee Table / Artwork 1 / Artwork 2 / Pillow 1 / Pillow 2

The large sectional featured here is absolutely perfect for your Airbnb. It’s spacious and cozy (exactly what your Airbnb guests are looking for) while also being durable, easily cleaned, and high-quality; plus, the dark fabric on this beautiful sectional is perfect for hiding any spots that show up between cleanings.

Just make sure you offset the darkness of this sectional with lighter pieces, like this gorgeous light green armchair and light wood side table.

Beige Sofa / Armchair / Washable Rug / Pillows / Throw Blanket / Plants / Tall Vase / Short Vase / End Table / Coffee Table / Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

If you prefer a lighter, more neutral vibe this living room design is perfect for you. The beautiful beige sofa is perfectly complimented by the rich dark green armchairs. Tie the room together with these inexpensive farmhouse vases and your guests are sure to be wowed!

P.S. These machine-washable rugs are perfect for an Airbnb–I own several and love that I can simply pop them in the wash when I visit my short-term rental.

Tan Couch / Throw Blanket / Pillows / Coffee Table / End Table / Lamp / Vase / Console Table / Plant / Washable Rug / Artwork 1 / Artwork 2 / Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

This classic tan sectional is the perfect focal point in this earth-toned living room, complimented by this stylish console table and coordinating coffee table and end table.

A well-designed living room like this one is a great way to increase your Airbnb bookings. Featuring my cozy and stylish living room prominently on my Airbnb listing is one thing that undoubtedly helped me gross over $85,000 my first year hosting and receive glowing reviews like this one:

“I wish I could give more than 5 stars!! The home was exceptional, modern, clean and comfy and Sabrina is truly the best host I’ve ever worked with. […] We’ll be back!”

Make your Airbnb stand out from the crowd by showcasing your well-designed living room front and center on your Airbnb listing.

Dark Green Sectional / Book Shelf / Artwork / Pillows / Throw Blanket / Coffee Table / End Table / Armchairs / Vase / Plant / Candle Sticks / Washable Rug

One crucial thing to consider when designing your Airbnb living room is your maximum occupancy–your living room should comfortably seat at least as many people as your property sleeps. That’s what makes this spacious sectional one of the best couches for your Airbnb. Better yet, give your guests options by positioning two additional armchairs across from your sectional. Bring the whole look together with small touches like a big faux plant, artwork, and this beautiful bookshelf.

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Light Gray Sofa / Coffee Table / Armchair / Blue Pillow / Plant / Wall Art

Even smaller Airbnbs can have a comfortable, easy-to-clean couch like this beautiful light gray sofa. For a super-stylish space, make sure to pair it with this stylish round coffee table, faux plant, and inexpensive armchairs for a little extra seating.


Choosing the right living room design for your Airbnb can help you attract more guests and earn glowing reviews. But picking out every single item for your short-term rental is no small feat. By using the furniture and decor above, you’re saving tons of time and money. Great work!

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Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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