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What do Airbnb hosts have to provide, really? Guide to a profitable Airbnb!

What do Airbnb hosts have to provide, really? Strike the perfect balance between too much and not enough with the items in this post.

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Room-By-Room Checklist: 100+ Essential Items
The Ultimate Furniture & Supplies Checklist
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When it comes to starting your first Airbnb, there’s a lot of uncertainty but one thing’s for sure–planning, finding, and setting up all of your furniture and supplies is a ton of work. Plus, the items you buy for your short-term rental directly impact how many bookings and 5-star reviews you earn, so getting them right is crucial! And once you actually start planning your furniture and supplies, you’re bound to ask yourself–what do Airbnb hosts have to provide, really?

The truth is, it’s impossible to know for sure because every guest is different, so every guest expects different things. That said, it is possible to strike the right balance between exceeding guests’ expectations without going totally overboard and cutting into your profitability–the below guide will help you do just that.

Make setting up your property a piece of cake by using the room-by-room Airbnb checklist below–over 100 essential items! (P.S. be sure to bookmark this post for later, so you always have the items you need at your fingertips.)

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What do Airbnb hosts have to provide, really? Your guide to profitable Airbnb!


Your entryway is your first opportunity to give guests a 5-star experience! | The Realist

Since the entryway is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure they feel a warm welcome right away. The great news is, you only need a few items to make a huge impact in this room!

Ensure a super easy check-in (which guests will rate you on when they leave a review) with this reliable keyless entry. Even if you have a keyless entry, you absolutely can’t skip having a lockbox with backup keys, just in case a guest ever gets locked out.

Once you’ve got those essentials down, make sure your guests are treated with a warm welcome by giving them a place to set their things down, like this stylish entry bench and coat rack.

With those items in place, adding the other small touches in this checklist will help ensure you’re going above and beyond to provide a 5-star stay for guests!

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There are sooo many things Airbnb guests expect to find in the kitchen! And, unfortunately, not providing what your guests need when it comes time to cook is a surefire way to get complaints. Make sure your guests are happy at the start and end of every day by keeping your kitchen well-stocked with the items below.


Airbnb Kitchen
My guests LOVE that my kitchen is well-stocked with everything they need. | The Realist

It’s surprising how many basic cooking essentials are often overlooked in an Airbnb kitchen. Guests expect to be able to cook a meal for their group without being frustrated by low-quality cookware and disappointed when they inevitably don’t have the cookware they need to cook a basic meal. Make sure your guests have the essentials like these high-quality kitchen knives; cutting boards; and plenty of pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

But, those items are just scratching the surface–providing the items in this complete list of cooking essentials will ensure you earn that coveted Superhost status.

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Pro tip: One of the best things you can do to increase your profitability is optimize your listing.

Kitchen supplies

When deciding which kitchen items to keep stocked for guests, my general rule of thumb is to provide anything that multiple guests: (a) need, (b) would use very little of during their stay, and (c) aren’t likely to bring in their suitcase.

As an Airbnb host, you can’t skip the basics like dish detergent, trash bags, dish soap, or sponges. That said, there are many other items that guests really appreciate having, like Ziploc bags, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. Get everything you need to make guest RAVE about your well-stocked kitchen in reviews with the items in this kitchen supplies checklist.

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I love picturing my guests happily gathered around the dining table at the end of each day. | The Realist

Meals, of course, don’t stop when the cooking’s done. As an Airbnb host, you need to provide dining essentials as well like high-quality silverware; glasses; plates, bowls, and mugs.

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Living Room

What do Airbnb hosts have to provide living room
The main photo on my Airbnb listing features my high-quality living room furniture. | The Realist

The goal of your living room should be to make it look cozy and inviting. Think about it–what other room will ALL of your guests go to relax together? That’s why making a great impression in this space is absolutely essential for 5-star reviews. Investing in a high-quality couch, widescreen TV, and comfy throw blankets are a great way to impress all of your guests.

But, those are just a few essential items to set up your Airbnb living room for success. Make your living room the highlight of your listing with the items in this Airbnb living room checklist.

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Guests RAVE about the mattress in the primary bedroom of my Airbnb. | The Realist

Make sure your guests have a great experience from the moment they wake up to when they fall asleep with a luxurious bedroom setup. Getting a great night’s sleep is crucial for guests (trust me, whether they get a great night’s sleep or not, you’ll hear about it!). Some items that guests really appreciate are memory-foam mattresses, blackout curtains, and a nightstand on each side of the bed.

To ensure your guests get a great night’s sleep, make sure to provide everything in this complete Airbnb bedroom checklist.

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What do Airbnb hosts have to provide bathroom
Every bathroom at my Airbnb is well-stocked for a comfortable stay! | The Realist

Similar to your kitchen, Airbnb guests expect to have basic essentials in each bathroom like high-quality toilet paper, clean towels, and hand soap. It’s also important to go above and beyond for them by providing low-cost amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and q-tips. But, that’s just a few of the many items guests want you to provide in your Airbnb bathrooms. Make sure you’re providing a 5-star stay from check-in to checkout with everything in this Airbnb bathroom checklist.

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Miscellaneous Supplies

Lastly, miscellaneous supplies like batteries, light bulbs, and fire extinguishers can be really easy to overlook when setting up you’re Airbnb, but they’re an absolute must-have for a safe, clean, and well-running Airbnb. Get the complete list of must-have miscellaneous supplies.

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Congrats! You’ve not got a great sense of what Airbnb hosts have to provide to ensure you have just enough in your Airbnb to be profitable, without providing too much or too little–great work! Don’t forget to bookmark this post for later, so you can easily access it when you need to buy something.

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What do Airbnb hosts have to provide that I haven’t included in this post? Let me know in the comments.

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