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Airbnb Checklist: Essential Linens for 5-Star Reviews

As a first-time Airbnb host, you might be surprised to find that you need to replace your sheets and towels multiple times a year. The linens in this Airbnb checklist are all high-quality yet inexpensive; the perfect combination for your Airbnb.

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As a first-time Airbnb host, you might be surprised to find that you need to replace your sheets multiple times a year.

The good news is that you can plan ahead by stocking extras of every item in this Airbnb checklist. These linens are all high-quality yet inexpensive; the perfect combination for your Airbnb.

If you’re looking for a FULL room-by-room checklist with EVERYTHING you need to set up your new Airbnb, check out this blog post: The Best Room-By-Room Airbnb Checklist: 100+ Essential Items.

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Airbnb Checklist: Essential Linens for 5-Star Reviews

Your linens need to be high-quality but inexpensive. I’ve found the perfect combination, below | The Realist

Sheets & pillowcases

Don’t mess around when it comes to sheet color – white sheets cue cleanliness and cleanliness is by far one of the most important things Airbnb guests care about.

These sheets are perfect because they’re incredibly comfortable and inexpensive. I love them so much I have them on all my beds at home, too!

Airbnb Hosting Tip: You should expect to replace these sheets throughout the year, as they’ll inevitably get stained at some point. Always have three backup sets so your cleaners can quickly swap ruined sheets with new ones as needed. It’s an inexpensive investment that will make a huge difference to your guests.


Give your Airbnb guests a hotel-quality experience with these fluffy, high-quality, and super inexpensive cooling pillows.

Duvet inserts

Your guests will love these all-season, high-quality duvet inserts because they’re fluffy and super comfortable without being too hot or too cold. They even come with tabs so you can tie these to your duvet cover to prevent the duvet insert from slipping inside the duvet cover.

Duvet covers

You just can’t go wrong with these beautiful and soft duvet covers. If you use the duvet inserts above, you can even tie the duvet insert to the duvet cover so that it doesn’t slip around, providing a truly 5-star experience for your guest!

Airbnb Hosting Tip: Going with duvet covers and inserts is a much better option than traditional comforters because you can easily throw several duvet covers in the wash between guests.

Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors are an incredibly inexpensive way to protect the big investment you made in your mattress. You never know what guests are going to do in their bed, so don’t take the risk. Buy these high-quality mattress protectors before to avoid ruining your mattresses.

Go the extra mile by investing in bed bug-proof mattress encasements for your mattresses as well. These are a bit more expensive than typical mattress protectors, but I love the peace of mind I get by knowing that if there ever is a worst-case bed bug scenario, the impact will be a little less awful with these mattress encasements. And since these encasements can’t be easily removed, I love having a mattress protector on top, which my cleaners can easily wash as needed.


I hope this Airbnb checklist saves you tons of time setting up your Airbnb. (Congrats, by the way! Starting your first Airbnb is a HUGE accomplishment!)

Don’t forget to bookmark this post for later, so you can easily access it when you need to buy something.

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